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DJ Esco

After rocking the rooftop venue alongside Future in the past and hyping the crowd for the rapper's current Purple Reign tour, DJ Esco is no stranger to getting the party started. "I'm gonna create a different kind of environment that Vegas hasn't seen before from a hip-hop DJ," he tells Billboard without spilling details. "Everything is fresh and new." 
The DJ/producer -- who has also contributed to Future's previous releases like the projects 56 Nights, Purple Reign and EVOL -- says that Drai's is his personal favorite. "I've been to all these clubs all across America, even in Europe, and my favorite club is Drai's," says Esco. "That's my favorite stage to be on."
Esco also reveals that he will be releasing his first single soon. "It's definitely gonna have Future on it and I'm not gonna say who else is featured," he offers. "It'll probably be dropping in May."

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