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Big Sean

Big Sean is one of the strongest forces in the hip-hop world having worked closely with some of the biggest stars in the business, from Kanye West to Drake. Since he began releasing mixtapes in 2007, Big Sean's fame has grown exponentially, and is now ranked among the elite among rap music with fame that will surely continue to grow. In 2011, Finally Famous marked Big Sean's official debut and found itself at number three on the Billboard 200. Dark Sky Paradise released in 2015 and includes a wide array of celebrity guests and features his famous single "I Don't Mess with You" which made its way to number one. In the past several years, Big Sean's fame has exploded, and now he is one of the best known names in all of hip hop. Big Sean's latest album, TWENTY88 was released with Jhene Aiko in 2016. As a major player in the hip-hop scene, Big Sean consistently packs music venues around the world with eager and excited fans. There is no doubt that Big Sean can put on one of the most thrilling hip hop shows around, which is why so many Big Sean followers are already clamoring for his 2016 Drai's residency.

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